Each project is a sum of large number of details. Good organisation is the key to success, that is why I developed several forms of cooperation with clients.


It is the initial visual idea of the interior, showing the general character of the space and preliminary choice of materials, presented by means of realistic visualisations 3D or coloured views 2D. It is prepared on the basis of the arrangement of the interior, chosen from several propositions. The arrangements are developed using the plan of existing state of the space, or developer plans.


It consists of the stage of conceptual project and executive project, that means a detailed documentation serving to realize precisely the design of interior. I prepare the set of techical drawings – guidelines for the realization equipes. The complex project includes also the supervision over the compability of the ongoing works with the design. It is carried out during 5 visits on the construction site.


If there is a need of a change or refreshment of an interior, architectural advice is a perfect solution. It can take the form of consultations at location or visits in shops, in order to choose finishing materials or furniture. Thans to this option, a whole new effect can be achived, avoiding much effort or costs.


Before the purchase of the real estate it is often hard to determine whether it will meet your requirements and demands. This is why it is worth to command the project of developer changes. I analise and prepare different possibilities of arranging the interior. Next, on the basis of the chosen option, I make the executive project (f.i. the project of new walls to erect or disposition of electricity) that will be realized by developer.

The renumeration of a conceptual and complex project, as well as developer changes, is calculated according to the yardage of the interior. The price of architectural advice depends on the scope of works.